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What is VoIP?

How does it work

Without getting too technical, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to place phone calls over an internet connection rather than a traditional landline.

VoIP provides you with two main ways to make and receive calls – you can either have a physical hardware phone or you can use a software-based phone on your computer or mobile.

Male with backpack using mobile - Female at home using VoIP phone

Streamline your business communication with MyFone®

Get a dedicated business phone and number for your home office or new startup, starting from just £6.99pm. You can choose to pay for your calls as you make them or add a call bundle.

  • A free UK landline number
  • Voicemail boxes for every phone
  • Choose when you want to receive your calls
  • Take control of your account via our online platform
  • Detailed call logging & analysis
  • Take your calls on the go with a softphone app